The artists

To date, the works featured in BluArte are the result of creativity and passion for Sicilian ceramics.
Laura Talio and Stefania Alberici are the tireless artists who created these original products.

BluArte store

It is especially important to consult the map below to visit the BluArte store, I due Giardini di Naxos.
In addition, we will be happy to provide all the necessary information and satisfy your curiosity about the world of Sicilian ceramics.



On the Lungomare Tysandros 78 of Giardini Naxos you can see the Sileni on lava stone with the theme of the Generous Sea and Sicilian citrus fruits.


How to contact us

Finally, if you have any questions about our artistic products and you have not yet been able to visit our exhibition space ..

You can contact us via

telephone +39 388 349 2151

or simply by filling out the form below.

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As soon as possible you will be contacted.