Silenus of Naxos in lava stone created by Laura Talio for the tv broadcast Rai 2 Mezzogiorno in famiglia

Laura Talio

Blu Arte was founded in the early 90s by the will of the Naxos painter Laura Talio that “create” with her own hands the ceramic objects going beyond the technique of oil on canvas.

Within a small room and with few resources, she succeeds in self-taught to create the first works. In addition to compositions of lemons and terracotta vases, she specializes in the artistic decoration of Etna’s lava stone.

The lava stone lends itself to timeless decorations of tables, facades of countryhouse, signs for advertising commercial activities, etc.

BluArte – I due Giardini di Naxos

In a couple of years the creations acquire the beauty that can be admired today in the shop.

Blu Arte – I due Giardini di Naxos
Via Tysandros, 78
Giardini Naxos (Messina).

Here is narrated the Sicilian history and in particular of Giardini Naxos. We pay tribute to the generous sea that has nurtured families of fishermen and citrus fruits that have made the country famous beyond the sea.

A particular devotion can be seen towards the Sicily of paladins and poets. The ever-eternal character is Frederick II , king of Sicily, who has made the island more sensitive to art, poetry and literature.

Stefania Alberici

After 30 years, Blu Arte becomes a brand of hand-crafted ceramic art. The production is entirely followed, from the design to the final stages of glazing and cooking. Precisely for this reason, one product is never the same as another.

If there is not a snowflake the same as another, why claim that it is a craft product?

Today, two generations collaborate for the design and creation of objects, as the daughter, the architect Stefania Alberici, enthusiastically, has entered the business, taking care of various aspects, among which the collections Middle Ages , Sicilian Cart and Diversity makes us unique. Read the blog articles to learn more about some Sicilian topics.